Sunday, 29 November 2015

Unit Converter Pro v1.10 Apk

Unit Converter Pro v1.10 Apk

Simple and easy to use unit converter to handle any conversion you may need.

With one of the largest collection of units and currencies, it is perfect for work, engineering, school (as math helper), shopping, travelling or in the kitchen, suitable for casual and advanced users. Try it out.

The application has 800 units from 37 categories with essential units for your daily life and others from more specific domains. Also converter allows you to create your own conversions.

• Type it into the search to get any unit or currency you need to perform conversions on.
• Create own custom conversions
• Embedded calculator which exchange results with converter.
• Currency exchange conversions from various financial organizations.
• Designed for portrait and landscape modes.
• Display the results instantly. No need to press that annoying "Calculate result" button :). On large screen devices the results are displayed for all units in same category.
• Mark your preferred conversions as favorites for quick access. No limits for quantity of favorite conversions.
• History for last 20 used conversions is available. Can be disabled.
• Possibility to share you conversion results by mail.

* Supported list, all with metric to imperial and imperial to metric conversions.
- Basic dimension: length (distance), area, volume.
- For daily use: currency converter (European Central Bank, Yahoo Finance and others ), clothes and shoe sizes for men, women and children, cooking weight, fuel consumption and time.
- Mechanics: pressure, weight, force, torque.
- Motion: speed, acceleration, angular speed, flow rate
- Chemistry: density, dynamic and kinematic viscosity, mineralization.
- Computing: data storage and data transfer.
- Energy: power, temperature conversions (Celsius, Fahrenheit), consumed energy.
- Electricity: electric charge, electric current, electric capacitance, electric potential, electric resistance.
- Photometry: luminescence, illuminance.
- Radioactivity: radiation, radioactivity.
- Misc: magnetic field, numbers, roman numerals, fractions, astronomy distances.
* For ad-free version with unlimited custom conversions get [Unit Converter Pro].

Version 1.4
Now you can create your own conversions, fully integrated with other app's features.


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